Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute

Serving the Kansas Fire Service since 1949.

The Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute was created in 1949 by Kansas law to provide training for the Kansas Fire Service. The Institute is a dynamic organization providing training services through a "Mobile Fire Academy" concept. This concept is designed to accommodate local needs through training delivered anytime, anyplace, or anywhere in Kansas.

Kansas Fire Service Training Commission

The Kansas Fire Service Training Commission was mandated in a 2002 revision of the 1949 statute that established fire service training at KU.

An alliance of fire service organizations had pressed for the legislation, which had two principal aims: to increase funding for the state’s Fire and Rescue Training Institute at KU and to establish a body that would provide oversight and guidance for the program and guarantee its continued financial wellbeing. Read more »


Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute
St. Andrews Office Facility
1515 Saint Andrews Drive
Lawrence, KS 66047-1619
or toll free 866-804-8841

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Kansas Fire & Rescue Institute staff travel more than 185,000 miles each year to train Kansas fire departments
An average of two institute courses happen every day in Kansas
An average of 12 Kansas Fire & Rescue Institute courses occur every week
Every year in Kansas, we train more than 7,900 firefighters and first responders